Helping people navigate life to create personal freedoms.

Counseling & Astrology

I connect with your deepest, most authentic self. During sessions, I talk with you about what I see and hear.

Counseling & Astrology

“A truth which comes to us from outside always bears the stamp of uncertainty. We can believe only what appears to us in our own hearts as truth.” Rudolf Steiner

Counseling as Sacred Conversation

Michele offers a practical, spiritual approach to increasing clarity, self-awareness and an opening to what the heart has always known. Clients find courage and willingness to explore the issues and questions most asking for attention. More self-awareness will bring more consciousness and increases the possibility of freedom to make healthy choices and to shift out of the pain of limiting patterns.

Most frequently addressed in counseling sessions are symptoms and issues pertaining to partnerships and intimacy, parenting, life transitions, career confusion, money, family and/or peer conflicts, grief and loss, depression and anxiety.

Single and multiple counseling sessions for adults and adolescents are available in person, by phone, Skype or Zoom.


Also an intuitive astrologer, Michele offers heart-centered, soul focused Astrology Readings.

Please contact Michele directly for more information about her services and/or for a free introductory consultation.